AltTxt: AutoSubrogate® Data Object Relationship Diagram

This is the AutoSubrogate® Data Object Relationship Diagram. You should become very familiar with it. It shows the hierarchical relationship between the core data objects.

Subrogate Subrogation

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My Expectations of You as a Customer


You spent four years as an undergraduate in some college or university

You spent four years as an undergraduate in some college or university

If you are an attorney: you spent four years as an undergraduate in some college or university; you spent two years in graduate (law) school earning a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree; you passed the bar examination in some state of the United States of America (USA) or the logical equivalent there of in some other English speaking country. Dumb people can’t do that. Most people of average intelligence can’t do that either. That tells me that understanding this Data Object Relationship Diagram should not be much of a challenge for you. If you have been bestowed the title of “Paralegal” by the attorney that employs you, then you shouldn’t find understanding this Data Object Relationship Diagram much of a challenge either. It’s not rocket science, and it is just not that hard.

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You have been bestowed the title of “Paralegal” by the attorney. . . .

So therefore if you acquire the AutoSubrogate® software, I expect you to know and understand very well the Data Object Relationship Diagram above. It is the basis of your intuitive understanding of what the pieces of the puzzle are and how those pieces fit together and work together. Without that kind of understanding, you will be calling me multiple times per day most days asking: what do I do now? where do I go to do it? and how do I do it when I get there? I haven’t got enough time in my days left on this earth to be constantly responding to those kinds of questions.

While we are on the subject of “My Expectations of You as a Customer“, I want to be sure to clarify with you my meaning and intent concerning my offer of “unlimited technical support and training for one year”. When you call me by telephone to ask a question about how to use your AutoSubrogate® software, my plan is to immediately initiate a GoToMeeting session wherein you disconnect from our initial telephone conversation and reconnect by making a telephone call into the voice conference bridge supplied by GoToMeeting. This doesn’t take long, and after doing this a few times, the task will become a rote memory process for you and your staff.

By doing this it is my intent to build up your video help library which will be available to you and your staff after the one year of unlimited technical support ends. This will naturally occur because I intend to record all help sessions using the functionality provided by GoToMeeting. It is my intent to edit these help session videos down to about ten minutes each or less. I will place these short video clips into your video help library which will be easily accessible to you and your staff. CAVEAT: I intend to make these short video clips part of my AutoSubrogate® software product. So therefore to avoid revealing information protected by attorney client privilege, it may be necessary to create a test case to illustrate your questions. There is a test data generator built into AutoSubrogate® that can be used to expedite this process. After this process continues for a while a significant collection of test cases will build up reducing the need to always create a new test case to illustrate your questions. The library of short video clips will be an asset of your law firm because it will be a useful reference in the training of new staff persons and associate attorneys.

AutoSubrogate® Fabrication


The main client AutoSubrogate® software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic dotNET. It collects the data from the user who is logged on to a workstation PC. The AutoSubrogate® software then stores this data in the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which is MySQL. If you are not an Information Technology geek like me, then you probably do not know that MySQL‘s popularity as open source software is probably only exceeded by Linux. The MySQL RDBMS is an application server that lives on the Network server which executes the Network Operating System and to which all the workstations are logically connected. See menu choice “Product –> Environment“.

I started off writing the AutoSubrogate® software in Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) 2003. My experience with VB goes all the way back to VB version 2 in 1993. VB didn’t become fully object oriented till .NET. My experience with MySQL did not begin till I wrote the AutoSubrogate® software. But from looking at my resume, you can see that I have lots of experience with the biggest most common RDBMS on planet earth — Oracle. The similarities between Oracle and MySQL are amazing. Oracle corporation now owns the MySQL RDBMS. I’ll spare you the history because I know that you do not want to know it.

I also have lots of experience with Microsoft Access in corporate enterprise companies down to small manufactures. I personally own every version of Microsoft Access from 1997 to 2013. I chose to write the reports module in MS-Access because I am very familiar with how productive a good programmer can be using this software development tool. So therefore I can create custom reports for you in MS-Access at a very reasonable cost.


Microsoft Office


You can see by looking at my resume that starting in 1993 at EDS (Electronic Data Systems) I began using what Microsoft calls OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Automation to automate the generation of Microsoft Word documents from a Visual Basic (VB) program. Since all the Microsoft Office program components support OLE Automation, it was not much of a leap to do the same thing with other Microsoft Office program components such as Excel, Outlook, and Access.


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