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The name of my product is AutoSubrogate®. But I can customize and tailor it for the areas of practice in which you work. All you have to do is specify the requirements for me. If you are not satisfied with your current practice management system (PMS), contact me. I may be able to convert the data in your current PMS to the AutoSubrogate® database system. I can give you a better return on your money than the big guys because I am smaller and more flexible. Call me so that we can play “Lets make a deal”..!!
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Let’s play “Let’s make a deal..!!”

Cost of the software package is $2,500 for a 3 user system + $200 for each additional user.


As a value add to my customers, I will include minor changes that extend existing functionality in the AutoSubrogate® software without additional charge. The interpretation of “minor” is subject to negotiation with consideration given to the “business rules” and the “rules of court” in the jurisdiction(s) in which you practice law. The cost of changes that require that new functionality be added to the AutoSubrogate® software are subject to negotiation with consideration given to the factors described above.

I hope that you will not be shy or hesitant to contact me to negotiate these kinds of issues. I believe that I am very reasonable, but . . . . I am not going to give away weeks or months of my work effort just to make a sale. I am not desperate! Also please consider this: Major metropolitan areas have more subrogation work than can be done by a solo practitioner or a law firm with 2 to 4 attorneys. So therefore there may be other attorneys in the jurisdiction where you practice law that would also benefit by using AutoSubrogate®. A small consortium of attorneys in a metropolitan area could share the cost of customizing AutoSubrogate® to work according to the “business rules” and/or the “rules of court” in the jurisdiction where you practice law.

The 40 documents that are currently defined in the AutoSubrogate® software are very flexible. All of the static text is user modifiable with the full formatting capability of Microsoft Word. The heading on the pleadings with all the right parentheses is not static text. It changes a lot based on the number of petitioners (insureds) and respondents (defendants).

You do not have to pay me to make changes to static text in the documents. Including the repositioning of variable data. You can do that yourself. All you want. It is EASY..!! Contact me and I will show you.

Evaluation Version of the Software?

AutoSubrogate® is the best in class for

recovering damages. Your clients will love you..!!

At this time an Evaluation DVD or download is not available and not likely to ever be because the AutoSubrogate® client software works with so many other software programs that must be correctly installed and configured. The logistics of creating a “plug-and-play” evaluation to be installed by a person of unknown information technology (IT) skill level is too onerous a burden to carry.

But please consider the offer of a free two user version of the software that has no evaluation end date or limit on the number of case file records you can enter. This two user version is not considered evaluation because there is no limit on the amount of data you can enter into it, and there is no limit on how long you can use it. It does require a remote installation by a skilled and knowledgeable technical person.

So, as an alternative, please contact me to schedule an online demonstration over the internet using GoToMeeting. I have done this before with very favorable results. The last GoToMeeting demonstration I did lasted about 1.5 hours. If you have a PC with high quality speakers and a good noise canceling microphone you can save yourself the cost of long distance telephone usage charges per minute because GoToMeeting provides a conference voice bridge accessable by phone or as described. A headset with microphone that plugs into a USB port on your PC would be even better. No microphone — No problem. Use online chat to participate and ask your questions.

GoToMeeting will accomodate myself and 25 attendees. If you can communicate through the conference voice bridge, GoToMeeting can capture all the audio and video and save it as a Windows Media Video (WMV) file. I can burn this WMV file to DVD and provide a copy to all who participate.

Call Ted Palmer at (314) 994-1621


Call NOW for a free consultation: 314-994-1621.

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