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Computer software models the activity it automates. Here are the features that will improve your productivity; improve your effectiveness at getting judgments, and collecting on those judgments. Your rate of recovery will soar!

Feature Set:
  1. Expedited data entry process for initial capture of new case file data
  2. Generate documents automatically using Microsoft Word — 40 plus . . . .
  3. Rapidly complete batch data entry for high volume processes
  4. Diary/Calendar of all case related events accessable to all users
  5. Access to all originated, scanned documents, and e-mail for a case by mouse clicks (PAPERLESS document access)
  6. Easy access to history of events in chronological order
  7. Selectively share E-Mail associated with a matter or a case with all users of Microsoft Outlook in your work group (Exchange Server not Required)
  8. Status for case file(s) available for any client (insurance co. or forwarder co.) in Microsoft Excel
  9. Automated batch load from client Excel (CSV) files of case file data
  10. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with participating trading partners
  11. Comprehensive report package in Microsoft Access
  12. Accounting subsystem to track receipts and disbursements with reports


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Call NOW for a free consultation: 314-994-1621.


Call Ted Palmer at (314) 994-1621


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