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AutoSubrogate® client software runs here

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AutoSubrogate® data resides on the server

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Provides connectivity to all needed parties; i.e. E-Mail

Subrogate Subrogation

Legal Practice Management Software for Attorneys

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Required Hardware and Software Environmnet:

  • Network Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2010/2012 (for a 2 user system, peer to peer file sharing will work); Linux is a possibility not yet tested.
  • MySQL RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) an Oracle Open Source product (nt-Community version is free)
  • Workstation(s) Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows-7/Windows-8/Windows-10 (should all be the same OS)
  • Microsoft Office Component Programs: Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access (must be Office 2007, 2010, or 2013)
  • Adobe Reader (to display PDF files)
  • Cute PDF (a free download – to save printed files as a PDF file) – Other software that will act as a virtual printer to capture printed images will work – Consider PaperPort
  • High quality fault tolerant (paper moderately crinkled with less than perfect edges) scanner with automatic sheet feeder
  • Internet Connectivity – DSL or faster for remote technical support, training, and e-mail


Call NOW for a free consultation: 314-994-1621.


Call Ted Palmer at (314) 994-1621


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