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The old way
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Let your competition use this method

The new way
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Nirvana: Paperless Document Management

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See the video titled “Paperless Document Management, E-Mail, and Multitasking” for a demonstration of how document management assembly and creation is performed in AutoSubrogate®. All documents relevant to a case file are associated with and accessible from that case file record by MyFile number. That includes E-Mail copied from any user’s inbox by clicking on the little smiley face icon while they are reading the e-mail message. (See Outlook Macro) This feature saves you all the time you have wasted looking back and forth between your e-mail inbox and wherever you have your documents for a particular case file stored. You know better than anybody else how much time that is. It’s probably a lot! This feature makes it so that everybody can see all e-mail relevant to a particular case file as if they had access to everybody else’s e-mail inbox.


If you do not see the title of a document you need in this list, please call me. We can work something out. I expect to make some customizations to the software for the jurisdiction(s) in which you practice law. All of the 40 documents listed below are generated by the AutoSubrogate® software by a simple mouse click. Some are generated by a batch process where all you have to do is enter a list of the MyFile numbers for which you want a document and click submit. AutoSubrogate® has superior attorney document management capabilities.


Directory of H:\AutoSubrogate\FormsLibrary\MS-Word\Court

Directory of H:\AutoSubrogate\FormsLibrary\MS-Word\Defendant

Directory of H:\AutoSubrogate\FormsLibrary\MS-Word\InsuranceCo
•Acknwldgmnt2Adjstr.doc (Engagement Letter)
•D&IAffidavit2ForCo.doc (Discovery & Inquiry Affidavit to Forwarder Company)
•D&IAffidavit2InsCo.doc (Discovery & Inquiry Affidavit to Insurance Company)
•D&ILetter2ForCo.doc (Discovery & Inquiry Letter to Forwarder Company)
•D&ILetter2InsCo.doc (Discovery & Inquiry Letter to Insurance Company)

Directory of H:\AutoSubrogate\FormsLibrary\MS-Word\Insured

Directory of H:\AutoSubrogate\FormsLibrary\MS-Word\Vendor

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Call Ted Palmer at (314) 994-1621


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