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Knowing more about me is important for you to feel comfortable about who designed and fabricated the software that you are going to use to manage the matters/cases of your law practice.

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Ted Palmer

I graduated fifth in my class of about 55 students with an Associate Degree in Applied Science from DeVry Institute of Technology in Chicago in 1967. I worked as an electronic technician for 15 years before I graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas in 1982.

By building on the knowledge I acquired while at DeVry, I taught myself to program computers professionally one bit at a time — literally. I bought scrap circuit boards from a junk yard (I wish you could have seen what I saw as scrap metal from the Apollo space program), and melted the solder so I could pop off the integrated circuit chips. I used the circuit chips to build binary (zeros and ones) blinking light machines that are the most basic heart and soul of any computer. I bought SDKs (Software Development Kits) from companies like Intel and Motorola. The SDKs were intended for software engineers at big companies that wanted to build programmable device controllers to be used as components of big expensive machines.

The Special Services Center, where I worked at the time for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, was suffering painfully for lack of a computer to keep track of the trouble reports we recieved on special service circuits. My manager knew of my passion for computers; and, since the funds to purchase the computer we needed so badly kept getting cut in the budget process, he proposed a project for which he obtained $90 thousand dollars so we could buy our own computer. I got to program it.

The program I wrote worked so well that my boss Frank Locker, another manager Mike Reid, and I all received the Rider Service Award for improving the quality of customer service. The recognition of the award got me promoted to a programmer job at general headquarters in St. Louis. Unfortunately, at GHQ, there was much more emphasis on managerial science and political science than on computer science and information science. I quit the phone company for obvious reasons in 1990. You are so lucky that I did, and you don’t even know it yet. But you are about to find out.

While I was at the phone company in Fort Worth, I was the first to figure out how to do IBM 3270 Terminal Emulation. With the advanced knowledge and consent from my manager, I spoofed a SWBT IBM main frame before the word spoof came into common usage for what I did. It was a very big deal at the time. That led to another big success at EDS (Electronic Data Systems); which led to another big success at Express Scripts. I went on to teach myself OOP (Object Oriented Programming), SQL (Structured Query Language), and RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) while at Monsanto. All that is in the AutoSubrogate® software — BIG time; except for the spoofing part.


Call NOW for a free consultation: 314-994-1621.

Call Ted Palmer at (314) 994-1621


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