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To succeed at subrogation you have to handle a high volume of cases because the rate of recovery is generally about 8% to 15% percent. That is what AutoSubrogate® does. It makes it possible for you to spend more time as a lawyer getting favorable judgments on your cases instead of dealing with all the clerical details necessary to make that happen.

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The name of my product is AutoSubrogate®. But I can customize and tailor it for the areas of practice in which you work. All you have to do is specify the requirements for me. If you are not satisfied with your current practice management system (PMS), contact me. I may be able to convert the data on your current PMS to the AutoSubrogate® database system. I can give you a better return on your money than the big guys because I am smaller and more flexible. Call me so that we can play “Lets make a deal”..!!
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Your Software Architect and Builder

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Ted Palmer

Joe Sommer has gone PAPERLESS!

  • Reduced his number of file cabinets from 14 to 2;
  • Reduced office space under lease by two thirds;
  • Reduced number of computers from 3 to 2 workstations;
  • Reduced staff by one file clerk;
  • Increased number of Judgments;
  • Accesses all case file documents, including e-mail, with a few mouse clicks
Using my software you will get more work product with the same level of effort.

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If you are an attorney who does a lot of subrogation work for insurance companies seeking to recover damages on property and casualty losses (Workman’s Comp and Bankruptcy coming soon), you have come to the right place! Joseph P. Sommer is a prominent St. Louis lawyer. I, Theodore L. Palmer, am an award winning software engineer. Together Joe and I developed a computer software package designed specifically for attorneys that do a LOT of subrogation work. To the best of my knowledge and belief, it is the only practice management litigation support software and legal document management software developed specifically for that purpose. The software now used by law firms for this purpose was designed for the debt collection process, and those law firms now have to do a lot of workarounds because the software behavior is defined by the wrong business rules.

The iPad comes without a manual. If you are holding it in your hands, you already know how to use it. It is intuitive! That is the way my AutoSubrogate® software is fabricated. It also is intuitive! If you know the process, the events, the documents that go with those events, the “players” and their role in that process; then you know what has to happen next. When you are looking at one of my screens knowing what has to happen next, the command button that you need to make that next step happen is there waiting for your click.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Excel Files & Comma Separated Values (CSV) Files

The AutoSubrogate® software is also an excellent software program for small insurance companies, claims management service companies, and risk management companies to use in tracking the progress being made on case files that have been referred to local lawyers for the purpose of recovery and collection of damages that have been paid out to insureds. The AutoSubrogate® interface to Microsoft Excel allows for the creation of batch-bulk status reports in Excel file format which can easily be uploaded to database web applications (not provided with this software package) accessible to all your customers who know how to use a simple web browser. The AutoSubrogate® interface to Microsoft Excel or CSV (Comma Separated Values) files will also load bulk data into your database that has been provided to you by a client (Forwarder or Aggregator). Using this functionality requires close collaboration between trading partners and all parties involved in this Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Contact me by phone to discuss the details. A written specification of requirements that all parties agree to strictly observer makes the difference between success and failure.

Above I stated: “I, Theodore L. Palmer, am an award winning software engineer.” The picture image and the link below support that claim.

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Showing a small fraction of paper removed from the process.

Southwestern Bell Telephone Company — Rider Service Award

Cost of the software package is $2,500 for a 3 user system + $200 for each additional user. Includes unlimited technical support and training for one year. See menu choice “Fee Schedule” for more information.

Call NOW for a free consultation: 314-994-1621.

Call Ted Palmer at (314) 994-1621

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